Sonart Day Camp at Collège Saint-Alexandre

Sonart Day Camp at Collège Saint-Alexandre

The Sonart camp at Collège Saint-Alexandre secondary school is held in a spacious, secure and welcoming setting. With access to gyms, outdoor playing fields and music classrooms, our counsellors ensure that campers enjoy a variety of fun and memorable activities. This location offers lots of opportunities for a range of activities, and will help campers develop their musical potential while having that institution.

Collège Saint-Alexandre is an attractive, prestigious school known for its excellence. It is easily accessible from the east side of the Gatineau River, and from the west side via the Alonzo Wright Bridge and Highway 307 (Rue Saint-Louis).

July 8th to July 12th 2024 FULL
July 15th to July 19th 2024 FULL
July 22nd to July 26th 2024 FULL
July 29th to August 2nd 2024 8  SPOTS AVAILABLE
August 5th to August 9th 2024 3  SPOTS AVAILABLE
August 12th to August 16th 2024 FULL


BEFORE CARE : 7:30 A.M. TO 9 A.M. • FREE
AFTER CARE : 4 P.M. TO 5:30 P.M. • FREE

Fees – 285 $ / week

No refund after June 21st, 2024.

If your child is sick and must stay home, there will be no refund nor credit for unused camp days.


I authorize the staff members of Sonart inc. to provide my child with the necessary health care. I also authorize Sonart inc. to transport my child by ambulance or otherwise (at my expense) and to have him admitted to a health facility. In case of emergency, if it is impossible to reach us (parents / guardians and emergency contact persons), I authorize the doctor to provide all care required by his condition.

** When a camp staff member must intervene to provide care for a child, the latter uses personal protective equipment: gloves, visor and mask.

* A guide to the instructions for the arrival and departure of the camp will be communicated to the parents in the precamp email as well as the details of the camp.

  • The camp is open to children 5 to 12 years old, with or without musical experience.

  • Campers must select their instrument for the week (indicate on registration form): piano, guitar, singing, violin or drums.

  • Camp hours are 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

  • Daycare (included in registration fee) is available from 7:30 to 9 a.m. and from 4 to 5:30 p.m. You need to preregister for daycare when registering for your week of camp to benefit from this service.

  • Campers get 2 music lessons, 2 outdoor activity/sports periods, and 2 cultural activity periods per day, related to music or the theme of the day chosen by the counsellors.

  • All camp activities are held on the grounds of the school. There is no swimming.

  • The campers present a Friday afternoon concert, sometime between 1 and 4 p.m. There are several performance slots; we will inform you of the performance time on the preceeding Wednesday morning.

  • All Sonart camps are bilingual (English and French).


  • A non-microwavable lunch (please beware of allergies : PEANUTS AND NUTS ARE FORBIDDEN)

  • Two snacks (please beware of allergies : PEANUTS AND NUTS ARE FORBIDDEN)

  • Water bottle

  • Cap or hat

  • Sunscreen

  • Sportswear and running shoes (open shoes and sandals are not recommended).

  • Please ensure that all your child’s items are placed in an identified backpack before you arrive at camp.

*It is FORBIDDEN to bring electronic devices or other valuable objects during daycare as well as during camp.

‘’Keep up the GREAT work Sonart! If there should be a role model for summer camps, it should be you. 🙂’’

‘’The staff at Saint Alexandre College is amazing! They are all rock stars!! Both my boys enjoyed their first week. They have been to other camps before but this is the camp they look forward to going to every morning. My boys describe it as “Sonart is not cool, it’s VERY cool.” This camp has a right balance of outdoor activities, music, and social activities. They are very structured (while also having fun). I appreciate how they accommodate each parent’s request when it comes to their children’s safety (allergy, sun exposure, etc.). I especially love the performances at the end of the week. It shows how much this camp is organized. I wish I had known this camp a lot sooner. It’s our favourite summer camp by far. We look forward to the rest of the remaining weeks. Thank you so much to the staff of Saint-Alexandre. Keep up the great work!”


2425 Saint-Louis Street,
Gatineau, Qc J8V 1E7