Drums - Guitar - Piano - Violin - Singing

In addition to following a musical concentration on a chosen instrument, the children will have the chance to participate in an absolute cultural experience, through production workshops, vocal harmony, set design, art on percussions as well as on the history of music. No doubt, whatever their level of experience, it's certain that every young person will develop his musical interest, since he will be supported according to his needs and learning ability, thus giving him the chance to make the most of this aspect of the camp, in all its richness.



The youth will be introduced to the basics of magic with none other than Eric Leclerc. The basic hand dexterity as well as incredible illusions, are only a few examples of what they will learn during these classes, thus ensuring a more particular development of motor skills and self-discipline. They will have so much fun mastering what they have learned, that they will most certainly repeat these little tricks afterwards, to entertain family and friends.



In sporting terms, it is the activity organizer who will have the daily role to lead the children in a fantasy world, by offering thematic activities, collective games, workshops and even some Olympics! As stimulating as amusing, the various physical activities will ensure for their part, an accentuated development at the agility and muscular flexibility level. All games are developed in order to get the attention but mostly everyone's participation, which will result in the evacuation of the excess of energy, thereby bringing them an immense and satisfying sense of well-being.


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